Monday, 3 September 2012

Kill the Night

Buongiorno! Well, I have finally finished my thirty or so performances of Three Musketeers, a strange mixture of sad relieved that it is over but with the promise of throwing myself into next years' productions. I have an audition for Luciana in Comedy of Errors and Hermia in Midsummer Night's Dream on the sixth of October, I believe. Wish me luck, thought I do not think I will get the roles as there is a lot of competition from many people much more experienced than myself.

In other news, finally back to school for good on Wednesday with the pleasurable feeling of knowing I have done all my Holiday Assignments (something I've never even thought of doing before) and I have completed the unbelievably hard task of tidying my room. Earlier on today, my sister walked into the room asking to borrow something, forgot what she'd come in for and instead started wandering about, as if to assure herself that it was real. Hell, I'm not known for being the most tidy, organised and pro-active of people. I expect most of my family believed it would stay looking as though a bomb had dropped or I had been robbed for the next couple of years... by which point, going off to University would have forced me to have to do something about it. I am also glad to be finally heading back towards less warm weather because I honestly feel I can dress better when I don't have to worry about removing layers.

In Fashion News, only a few days until New York Fashion Weeks kicks off the rest and we can lust over designer offerings for next Spring (And, if you are like myself, curse yourself for never having any money to spare)

And in the news most related to this blog post, Phillip Lim has created his own comic book to coincide with the launch of his latest collection. The designer has produced one-off comic Kill The Night, in line with the inspiration for his Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 Pret-a-Porter line, which was heavily influenced by famous comic book fiction such as Sin City and V for Vendetta in particular "the neo-noir heroines" that feature in them.

"The comic book became the natural medium to tell this story. A story of duality and metamorphosis, day and night, black and white, love and betrayal. Things are not what they seem. Look again." Statement from the brand.

The book is set to launch on September 6 to coincide with Vogue Fashion's Night Out.

(PS: If you happen to be in New York on Fashion's Night Out, in which case I am very jealous, then might find it worth your while to visit the Phillip Lim boutique, where every customer who makes a purchase will receive a signed copy of the comic book, and an additional 15 per cent off on their purchases)

So, with all this in mind, I thought I would use the opportunity to look back at the collection and present my favourite pieces.
^^^ Gold shoes, of which everybody needs a pair to brighten up their outfit. If paired like this with almost entirely black, it creates a very dynamic and chic effect.

<<< Although I am always relatively quick to point out the impracticality and natural irritation that comes with carrying a clutch bag (Yet I still buy them - Why do I put myself through this) I do think this is a rather interesting piece, especially presented the way it is. Who know if in reality it looks more like a gold make-up back stuck onto the front of the sort of thing I keep lined paper and pencils in.

^^^ Lovely - Geometrical lines are here to stay.

 The above might just steal my prize for favourite-in-collection. It is imbued with wearability and, paired with the right accessories, would feel as right in a casual environment as it would in a formal one. Lovely cut, lovely high waist and gorge belt! This style of belt was used more than once and I am now mentally thinking about keeping an eyes open for flimsy plastic belt cheaper versions of it.
Again with the whimsical, transluscent plastic belts - in this case, it just gives new dimensions and textures to the outfit and, in doing so, finishes it off perfectly.

^^^ Simply beautiful. The belt, the collar, the cape-like feel. *Flails*


^^^ I do not know if I would normally love (Like, certainly) but I do... it looks elegant, the coat is practical for cold weather, it has the waists I love and the colours are demure and elegant. With bright colours, elements like the coat and the collar would have been 'overkill alert!' As it is, stunning.

I am afraid I might overuse the words 'Beautiful' and 'Understated Sophistication' in the case of these two outfits but let's just leave it with: They are both perfectly composed outfits. So smart and chic that anyone would be proud to have them in their wardrobe.
 Blue! Blue! These are close-ups from two of the outfits when blue started entering the collection and, I'm afraid, though the entirety of the outfits were delicious, I found these close-ups more dynamic... and such a lovely shade of blue! It could have been wrong with that vivacity of colour, but it was so right especially when paired with white trousers, clutch bag and red shoes.... bearing in mind I have to think of another word for 'Beautiful'... very Lush?

   When the sunglasses are this nice, we can forgive them being worn in Winter. When outside of a skiing resort, I normally get a little cynical and sarcastic about sunglasses at that time of year, and it is a mark to how and with what they are worn that I let this slide.
Again, these couple of outfits have the cape-like coats and gauze which I so admire.


I like this close-up of the outfit much more than I like the outfit... beautiful shot.
Because we all need a pair of high-waist red (with an orange tinge) trousers. Something to save
 for a gloomy day and an instant brightener to the general mood. I believe in crazy things like: colourful, well-fitted clothes have an undeniable ability to cheer people up, or me in any case.


Thank you for reading, please comment and feel free to follow! (No, really - feel free, and know that I answer any questions you may have as best as I can)


Anonymous said...

I don't really get the idea, but it's cool!

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walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

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The collection is amazing, I love the cut and silhoutte.


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o wwaaawwww golden shoes amazing !

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amazing inspirations:) really like your interpretation:)


Leonor said...

also forgot to mention that you do an amazing work with your blog!! I can tell you really take time to show your perspective and that's amazing dear!!:) congratulations:)


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great post :d

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Great post. I love the clothes.

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Thanks for your comment! Great selection!
Kisses, Den.

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I wanna go to NY so bad!
What a great collection!


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Un post très intéressant et j'aime beaucoup cette collection. Le style est très recherché, c'est assez unique.
De belles tenues.

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Amazing post!!!


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It's a crazy and smart post! i really love it!
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I LOVE this collection! Especially the accessories! Oh, what I wouldn't do for these golden shoes...

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