Saturday, 8 September 2012

Escada RTW Spring 2013

Greetings! I have just finished an interesting three days, having finally arived at sixth form and looking to my A-Levels. It feels like the last five years of my life went really fast and in next to no time, I will be off to University. This prospect is daunting as well as absolutely delicious - like everything that involves moving on to larger fields.

Anyway, New York Fashion week is well underway and I shall probably present a few collections. Escada I chose because I thought it a classically pretty collection - not normally what I like to present - I like interesting over pretty, but I could not find much that I thought innovative enough to compensate for their innate dullness and ugliness (In a harsh mood today. By no accounts did I find absolutely everything ugly - in fact, when in a better mood, I can see the beauty in everything) so I shall have to go with this classic pretty Spring 2013 pret-a-porter collection by Escada, inspired by Miami.
Being a strong promoter of the colour yellow, which I find pitifully excluded from many people's wardrobes, the above tailored tuxedo with the contrasting black lapels could not fail to catch my eye. 

It was a demure collection for Escada, which has a past built on sequins (though they were thankfully not completely banished from this collection) and was known for extravagance. Instead we have soft draping lines and elegant tailoring, paired with sequined clutches and dazzling patterns. I especially liked a couple of patterned suits, a gorgeous patterned black dress with yellow belt, a luscious green Kaftan and, the defining evening dress piece - a piece that, if I were a hollywood star, I would adore to wear to an awards ceremony or premiere - I am, of course, speaking of the black lace with sheer skirts and a sexy but elegant thigh-high slit.

The attention was all on the outfits with the nevertheless elegant nude shoes taking a backseat.
Note: Nude Shoes = Always a good way to de-clutter an outfit. I keep meaning to buy a new pair.

I love the above suit with patterns. One of my favourite things is a suit where there is an interesting pattern from head-to-toe. I came across a very nice one recently which had a sort of blue china motif. It felt like a teacup in a suit! How can you possibly beat that? I also liked the oriental vibe and vibrant colours of the above dress, but I must say that this gorgeous checked suit is stunning for casual occasions and this demure white outfit turned sexy with a slit is very pretty and summery.

The strange thing about the Fashion World? Autumn has not even started yet, we've hardly said goodbye to the Summer, and already we're looking ahead to the next Spring collections... I'm not sure that there isn't something slightly disheartening about it.
~* Photo of a rose because I like roses... It might not be relevant, but it's pretty right? *~
On a last note, related to the subject of Escada, has anybody tried 'Especially by Escada' and what do you think of it? It isn't exactly brand new, having been around since August last year, but I haven't really come to it before. I tried it and wasn't sure if it was a standout for me or just faded into oblivion. Is it anybody's signature perfume yet?

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Beth said...

Omg I love the line for spring, so airy and comfortable looking :)


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Hello! I really like your blog. So interesting. :)

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Ivana said...

Wow, I actually love every single one of them. They are so rich and vibrant, love their colors.
Wonderful collection.


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I totally love the collection!!!

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Great looks!
Thanks for your lovely comment :)


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Such a beautiful post, my love!
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wow!!!!i like your blog and your choises!!!! :D

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Love it!

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