Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Back to Black

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Hello! (Can anyone explain to me why that feels so strange? Why I prefer to say 'Greetings' or 'Salutations' - Maybe I have issues and just need to learn to say it to people more. Well, I'm testing it out here) So here are some photos of what I've been wearing today. I don't know why, but when I got dressed this morning, I did not feel like much colour. I felt like wearing black clothes, clip-on faux diamond earrings and sunglasses and carrying a black umbrella as I trotted through the rain, like a sort of reluctant young widow in stilettos who drinks too much. Or has a reason to hide her identity and doesn't understand the concept of 'blending in'... just like all these celebrities who wear sunglasses in the middle of winter and wonder why people realise they are celebrities. 
The outfit was only brightened up by the vibrant red strip of my lips... though prepare yourselves because I think tomorrow might be red. Head-to-toe BRIGHT RED... and I shall probably feel the need to share. Tomorrow, I shall also be in London, in a ploy from my Father to remove me from the Sitting Room where I have been living, consuming an endless supply of Chicken Tikka Masala and Pepsi Max... (He also has to pick a bike up from Kings Cross. Bearing in mind his love of cycling, I think that might have actually been the driving force)

So... What am I wearing?
  • A Black gauzy tunic-blouse - Thrifted from a Charity Shop.
  • Black skirt with golden details and sequins - Vintage.
  • Black Pia Handbag - I actually nickname her my 'Jewel' - she was just so glossy and purty-ful when I bought her... and she was half price! If there is one thing that never fails to make me happy it's the words 'Half Price'.
  • Iron Fist Girls Platform Heels with polkadot bows and colourful detailing - These are my go-to shoes for dramatic semi-comfort. Because of the platform, the heel does not feel that high and so they're great for walking around in (as long as you're walking through a flat city or town and you intend to stop walking and go home after two or three hours)
  • Black Ribbon with white border from an Art supplies shop. Used as a belt you really cannot go wrong.
  • £1 earrings from a local shop which sells end of the line accessories.
  • Rimmel London Blood Red lipstick.
  • Starry red and white bangle, bought for £1 from the same shop as the earrings.
  • Radley umbrella - a present from my EPIC Maman. I love it so much... it's light, beautifully shaped and has the loveliest handle. IMPORTANT NOTE: When buying nice umbrellas, handle is key.
  • Circular Sunglasses. I have no idea where they are from. You'd have to ask my brother since he is the one whom I stole them from. It's his fault for going on holiday without them and leaving them on the Kitchen Table. #Some people never learn.
I am rather glad that the pictures came out this way... it could have been so much worse bearing in mind I had to pry my Father away from his beloved computer to go out in the rain without being able to hold an umbrella to take pictures of me. I think I may have got what I deserved for putting him through this traumatising experience though. I fear I may have the beginnings of a cold. Ah-choo!

^^^ Individual shots of my Jewel and my beautiful new umbrella. I should give her a proper name too... Any suggestions?

^^^ Another look into the psychology of MOI... Why can I never resist taking a picture of a tree? Why? Even if there are better pictures of trees and more interesting trees and nobody wants to see my photo of a tree. Why do I take the photo? And why do I feel the need to include it in a post? Well, I always say that if you have an ugly house, you plant trees around it... maybe that works with ugly blog posts.

Thank you for reading, do comment and please follow! (I really want to reach the two hundred mark. :)


Emmylou said...

Hope you didn't catch a cold:( Anyhoo, really liking the outfit! You can never go wrong with black, right?

anney said...

I love the outfit! Very elegant!

Unknown said...

Nice photos.

Shoe Belle said...

I don't mind the rain, either. Cute outfit, rainy day or not, and love the purse!... thnx for dropping by:)

Rakhshan said...

i love your 'jewel':) its so classy! these are some great shots btw, love the lonely widow thingy going on!

thanks for your comment on my blog hun, follow eachother? :)

Elisa Zanetti said...

Cool pics!

Anonymous said...

love the blazer!
can't wait to see you on my blog!

ThefashionFlite said...

loved this vintage look on u !Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If u want we can follow each other on gfc n bloglovin. Let me know.

dimitri said...

Elles sont très belles et stylées ces photos. J'aime beaucoup l'ambiance qui s'en dégage et ce décor est bien choisi.
Très élégante cette tenue. De jolies pièces.

pretty little things said...

thnx fr your comment dear..
love your blog..
wanna follw each other?
xo sabbi

Unknown said...

love Your outfit
thanks for your comment
I have followed your fabulous blog!
keep in touch xoxo

Yuliya Fashionblog said...

Love your bag !

The Hearabouts said...

Your outfit is so beautiful, the accessories are stunning (love the bag and the umbrella sooo much!)

S., The Hearabouts

Shubhi said...

Love the pictures, honey!:)
You look lovely...hope u didnt catch the flu!
Thanks for your warm and sweet comment:)

Shubhi's Revels!

Jessica said...

i can definitely see the widow inspiration! i like the look a lot really mysterious!


Danny said...

Love your outfit, it's so romantic. THe umbrella is beautiful!

trishie said...

What a awesome outfit! Love the brolly too

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love the outfit! Couldn't get wrong with black xx

Boheme.Fille said...

Great photos! Love the look~

Heather said...

I love the theatrical look of your photos - they are amazing. And hello to you too :)


Unknown said...

saying 'hello' does feel strange - i often start emails with that but it seems too formal and odd when you consider saying it aloud!

Allison said...

Such a gorgeous outfit!! And I love the umbrella!!
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Unknown said...

wow ! amazing outfit doll !
gr8 post..

Unknown said...

this photos make me reminds me of mary poppins! :) love this photos!

please check out my blog and if you like it we can follow each other :)

p.s.: join my last days of my international giveaway

Mrs C said...

I missed the smell of the rain.. it haven't been raining for a long time here in Dubai. For the past 2 years it rained in total of 10 minutes and I missed most of the minutes! Cool outfit by the way :) Thanks for visiting!

MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY (where fashion and food collide!)

Shinly Fransisca said...

lovely look. so classy

amayaT. said...

Adoro la lluvia! y en esas fotos estás genial! :)

Besiitos desde amayaT.!

Levande said...

Love your blog.
I follow you, follow you back?

Carmen said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I really like your bag :)

Andrea said...

I really loved this post. My favourite mix is black and white and maybe some PVC see through clutch!Could you please consider following each other? Twitter:@shineonbyandrea

Unknown said...

thank you for your comment on the Blog from my cat :-)))
I Love the Outfit and that Style!
Greetings from switzerland, Kira

One day well spent said...

Love your look for a rainy day! Especially the umbrella.. beautiful piece.

Thank you for the comment & support! :) Stop by anytime again.

Indie by heart

Chloe Mia said...

Nice outfit and great pictures too

evie said...

nice outfit:)

CtrlAltDelicious said...

I like the red bra that shines through. Kinda makes me wanna go 'grrraawww' :-)
Women sometimes put all their attention to what's on top, what's on the outside (like their taste in men). When you notice that they also put attention to what they wear underneath; THEN they become extremely interesting ;-)

(Yes, I'm a man *lol* )