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A very wise man once said that "All the world's a stage,
 and all the men and women merely players."
This is the premise for the name of this blog. I am a thespian who will both overact and underact, who can appear too involved and often under involved, but I am an actress. A solid, hard-core narcissist. In equal measures, I have always been fascinated by Fashion, the artistry of it, the mutual accessibility and exclusivity, the glamour and the bitter underbelly. Raising it to a higher plain, Fashion has allowed me to express myself and be happy about who I am. Otherwise, and to present it less fancifully, I just like clothes. It therefore stands to reason that, in the play that is life, I should wish to take a role in the Fashion Industry in default of leading prima donna.  

Once upon a time, I was a curious child whose only frustration was in finding that some people could neither speak English nor French, therefore leaving me in complete agony when I could not understand what they were saying. Inquisitive and whimsical, I read a very large number of books and paraded in a wide variety of costumes, comfortably happy with my life and what it had to offer, bobbing along with my usual laidback attitude. Being a precocious primary school know-it-all rocked!  Let's just say that that was a very long time ago. *Sigh*
Now, innumerable glasses of champagne, red shoes and Pedro Almodovar films later, I am a budding Fashion Journalist and Stylist, an eccentric Thespian and determined linguist. I am a lipstick-addict, shopaholic and stiletto fanatic (much to the detriment of my feet) but likewise an eager Shakespeare performer, a cultural connoisseur with interests in fine art, architecture, language, music, theatre, literature, cinema, fashion, photography, advertising, history and politics (in other words, unbearable and painfully messed up) a fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jean Paul Gaultier, Cecil Beaton and berets.
Follow me into the darkness...

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