Sunday, 2 October 2011

Red & Black vs. Pink & Black

Red and Black...

Red and Black, both colours that are wholly present on stars gliding down the red carpet, or Supermodels strutting the catwalk. Together, they can be a look of pure timeless elegance, rock n' roll or Gothic and Punk... it is not going away quickly. After a Summer Catwalk filled with simply scarlet, the Autumn and Winter collections are arrayed in all shades, and looking forward to this Summer's collection... Bejewelled rubies and garnets. Soft Salmons, Crimsons, Corals, Warm Maroons.
Remember, a la 'Jean Paul Gaultier' Autumn/Winter 2011, bright red lips with beautiful blacks are a perfect way to make a statement. Sharp and Sophisticated.


This outfit is made up of a black netted tutu skirt (with many underskirts) from warehouse - an essential of my winter/autumn wardrobe because of its flexibility. Gorgeous Shoes, Black Scarf (being used as a belt if you do not see it) Basic Opaque Black Tights and, last but not least, a fancy dress dress I received at Christmas when I was ten; it does not fit me the normal way anymore... Yay Recycling!

So, I would like to think that this has some Hispanic Vibes, 'un element de Fantaisie' and an elegant way to do a strapless. Either way, it was my favourite of the six outfits!

Here's a little culture for you. Red and Black are the key colours in the flags of (among others) Yemen, Albania, Egypt, Iraq - (along with yellow) on the flags of Belgium, Germany, Papua New Guinea and East Timor (along with green) on Jordan, Libya, Kenya, Malawi and Kuwait. Also the simple bisected red and black flag is a symbol of Anarcho-syndicalism and Anarchist Communism. I am certain that most of you probably did not know that.

Okay, so I am not too sure what to call this. I have a bandana around my leg (an old find. It's probably Disneyland Paris thinking about it. I might have bought it along with the cowboy hat and toy pistol that, in my naivety, I thought looked just like a real one) a cool black jacket with gold studs, platform heels with skulls on them and a skateboard. My interpretation of Rock Chick? I only wish that, as well as this very gorgeous skirt, I had a proper red kilt.
Next time I go to Edinburgh, whenever that happens since it currently seems likely to be years in the future, I shall get a really nice one. There was a great shop next to the place I bought my beautifully soft blue Cashmere jumper (on sale!)
A quick note on where these all came from. Jacket, Yumi. Red Top, Cyrillus. Shoes, comment if you wish to know. Skirt, John Lewis. Bandana, Disneyland Paris (probably) Necklace, the end of a pair of red ear phones from a tour bus - they hardly worked anyway, call it recycling. Tights, everywhere. Tinted Aviator Sunglasses, no idea... my sister's bedroom?
More Culture... well, I need something to break up the Photos. :S
In Literary terms, 'Le Rouge et le Noir' (The Red and the Black) is a psychological and historical novel in two volumes, written by Stendhal... a bildungsroman of his character, Julien Sorel.
Musically, 'Red and Black' is a song from the Boublil-Schonberg musical Les Miserables (Which is brilliant!)

Something a little lounge-singer or gothic about this lovely evening dress. Black Velvetine. Inherited from my Mother (Vintage!) The Shoes were also inherited from somebody else, but this time they were bought in a Charity Shop by my Mother for my Sister. My Sister thought they were 'granny'-ish, such a derogative term, although she later said it was because they were too small, and I adopted them.

Ok, so there are three more outfits that should have been uploaded but due to unforseen circumstances involving my camera being broken by one of two of my unofficial photographers (the boy ones) then borrowing my brother's camera and having incompatibility problems with the memory card thing. *Sigh* I cannot upload them now... but I promise to do so as soon as I can!

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Pich and Roor said...

I also LOVE the red & black color combo. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & leaving one of the sweetest comments I've ever received :) My favorite outfits are the first & the last one!!