Monday, 24 October 2011

Autumn Vibes

Helloo! I cannot apologise enough for not having posted in the last... yikes! 18 days. *Sad face* I have been exceedingly busy and under a lot of pressure, but hopefully that might ease up (wishful thinking on my part)

Luckily, over the next week, I have at least three posts (posts I was supposed to post at the end of November, but am doing now) to post, and another two following shortly, plus three planned. This length of time gone without posting should not happen again. Hopefully.

So here is a list of things that have been despairing me this Autumn.

Sinking Rapidly

  • Legs and Bust, one or the other, not both.
  • Anorexic models. It is not clever, not beautiful and not funny. It does not show talent on the part of the designer if he/she is not able to dress real curves. I have had more than enough of jutting bones, and it is sometimes nothing less than purely sickening to see it coming down the Catwalk.
  • My Gorgeous Vintage 1950s brown gloves have two holes in the fingers of the right hand. Not happy.
  • Uggs. Once and for all, bin them. Oh, and the jeggings, crocs, jack wills and slutty strappy tops can go too. Not Stylish, not original and not even the excuse that it is 'fashionable' in the high-end sense of the word.

  • Rihanna. Detest her style, music and, if I met her, I would probably 'no me gusta' her personality too. End of. (Oh, and I really hated that she was on the cover of Vogue November, looking uncharacteristically elegant and beautiful)
  • The Xfactor. Mindless talent show fostering the growth of air-headed clones and starstruck teenagers with very little talent, believing that all it takes to be successful is a dull voice and a little help. They do not play instruments, do not compose their own music and do not write their own lyrics. Do yourself (and your disgusted brain cells) a favour, stop watching and think of a better way to spend your time.
  • The New Three Musketeers Film... What on earth??? Now, I do not wish to be a spoilsport, and I will probably end up seeing the film anyhow, but what the hell is going on? A) Buckingham is the bad guy. B) Why are there flying airships shooting cannons? No, Just no. C) Did Milady jump from the top of the building at some point? C) To be honest, it looks like the plot and integrity was sacrificed to make way for all the special effects. I will go and see it - but only out of spite in order to laugh at it... and spend the entire time, once I am out of the cinema room, saying at the top of my voice how terrible it was, making sure everyone can hear me. Mwahahaha!

  • Boybands
  • German Revision
  • Gossip and Backstabbing. The woes of attending a girls' school.
  • Random Weight Gain. Horrible.
  • Waking up with an enormous zit that was not there the night before. *Sigh*
  • Uncooperative unofficial Photographers.
  • Lack of Pepsi Max, and my painful addiction to it.
  • Irritable people. Calm down and stop shouting.
  • The amount of adverts on Downton Abbey.
  • Disgusting Gossip Magazine Stories. Never read one, but I have seen some titles, and it intrigues me as to how anyone could find that remotely entertaining. It is not interesting, it's just wrong.
  • American Nationalism. Ok, so I do not mind the americans and we all need something to keep us entertained, but the level of American Nationalist Pride is irritating and cringeworthy in its arrogance. Watching Barack Obama's speech at the news of the death of Gaddafi, all I can hear ringing in my ears five minutes later is the USA this, and American Soldiers that.... every now and then, 'with help from the international community.' It is dreadful. On a final note, stop singing your national anthem every morning before school. It's pitiful.

  • Kate Moss > she needs to stop. Her body has been ruined by drug and alcohol abuse, and she can now only do covers that are heavily photoshopped. As a personal observation, I never thought her to be even mildly pretty in the first place and the whole 'heroin chic' trend was, looking back, set to become an abomination. Of course, we are all allowed opinions and, if you disagree, that is your prerogative. (On the other hand, her new lipstick 'Kate' for Rimmel London, is embarassingly gorgeous, and I sort of respect her for having held on so long in such a fast-paced industry)

  • I do not care how many clothes I have. I never have anything to wear.
    Alberta Ferreti - and this one
    is gorgeous.
    The upcoming prospect of no school uniform in sixth form. I adore School Uniform. Honestly. On a School Day, there is nothing easier to pull on and go. I cannot believe that we took a vote on it and certain nincompoops who believe it is 'freedom of expression' to wear whatever clothes they wish to school, voted 'no uniform'. It is so selfish. They may not care about how they look, but I do... how am I supposed to think of something new, personal and interesting to wear everyday? On my budget? Anyway, they too will have grown tired of 'no uniform' by the third week. In regards to Aesthetic Issues such as this, a school should not be a democracy, it should be a dictatorship.
  • Tunics and Trousers. Alright, so maybe this one should not be in this category. However, out of all the big Autumn Looks 2011, this is my least favourite. Although a quick and relatively low-maintenance look, it is so easy to get woefully wrong and look dowdy or ill-fitting. I do like Tunic and trousers (I am fully intending to give this look a go, but with an arabian nights twist)

Thanks for listening to my little rant. Remember, this blog is purely for entertainment purposes, and a way of communicating my passion for fashion, styles and clothes. I do not intend to offend anyone (well, not very much) :D >> Remember to check back tomorrow for 'failing to reach the surface'.


Anonymous said...

Salutations, just to say, Rihanna is more attractive, talented, succesful, popular and elegant than you'll ever be. Don't be jel :).

Svetlana said...

Im sure no-one is jel of slutty rihanna. I saw her on ur british telly with daniel radclif and she was a b***h. Shes defo not elegant. Im just glad someone had the guts to say it. Love ur blog! Keep up the excellent work!!!! Oh, and shes not talented. Shes an autotuned monster, showing how untalented todays pop stars actually are. Maybe she culd try singing without taking her clothes off. It wuld be a start. Oh, and big guts saying that anomymous-like. Shove off and dont comment if you dont like.