Monday, 31 October 2011

Autumn Vibes

Salutations! Although I had stated in my previous post that this would be posted the next day, I was unable to due to unforseen problems, namely that somebody has somehow broken the screen of my laptop (and yes, I am whole-heartedly going with the 'somebody' - It was not my fault)
However, I can post this now, and the next one tomorrow. Unfortunately on Thursday Morning, I will be leaving early to go 'Espana' and will probably be unable to post any posts while I am away, though rest assured, I hope to write a few.

Struggling to reach the surface

  • Girls who straighten their hair everyday. You have been blessed by god with curls, why on Earth would you make light of that gift by straightening your beautiful locks?
  • Sandals in Autumn/Winter. I can not bear this on anyone - unless then sandals in question are stiletto heeled ones... and worn sensibly, with socks 'a la prada fall 2010' if it is cold; which in winter, in Britain, it probably is.
  • Adele. Boring, repetitive and she bleats like a goat. On the other hand, I like the retro 60s eyeliner she has going on.
  • Justin Bieber's perfume - for girls. Sincerely? This is practically so funny, that I do not even feel that it is pitiful, just really sweet. Sho shweeet!

  • Winter. It is Cold.
  • Random weight gain. Just about enough to make me want to starve myself for a week.
  • Chapped winter lips. Painful and undesirable. How lucky we are that there are so many irresistible products on the market... now I just have to find one that does not smell like candied strawberries. Of course, Vaseline is always a good place to start, being a classic (and I have a weakness for the 'Rose and Almond Oil') but I happen to know that Burt's Bees Lip Balm Beeswax is worth a try too.

  • Split ends. On my Life, I swear that my hair just enjoys having split ends. Whenever I look, there they are, teasing me with their resilience. No matter how many times I may visit the hairdresser, or try hair-strengthening shampoo, it appears the outcome is one and the same. It must be a curse.
  • Stress. Pressure. I am only sixteen and it appears that the choices I make now will affect the rest of my life. *Sigh.*
  • My Laptop's broken. Just thought I might mention it for a second time.
  • 3D - It is alright, but not worth the extra cost. I am already wholly bored of it.
  • The upcoming Twilight Film - Breaking Dawn - though, to be honest, by this point I have given up caring. I am not even going to make disgusted faces at those who express their intention of seeing it (And when my sister buys the DVD, I will eventually watch it, though only to mock it. Sincerely)
  • Out of season, Fake Tan. Mildly strange at the best of time, depressing in Autumn/Winter.


Taylor said...

I just wanted to say that I really like your blog!!! It's really funny and interesting, and I think your views on fashion are interesting, clever and original. Keep up the good work.

Zoé said...

@Taylor >>> Thank you for the lovely comment. Yes, I will do my best not to become desperate and give up. It's comments like these that make it worth it. Oh, and you can follow if you like.

Michelle T said...

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog ZOE. You are a very smart, opinionated woman and your posts are all incredible, entertaining. It's good to see a lot of blogger who does everything, not only outfit posts but also some facts about life and everything. Very good! Keep it up