Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Autumn Vibes

Floating my Boat

An eclectic mixture of things that have been leaving a smile on my face this Autumn. The last in my three-part exploration.
  • The Little Velvet Dress (or in my case, the floor-length velvet evening gown too)
  • Hats! Hats! And more HATS! The stranger, the better.
  • Landing a speaking part in a Local production of 'The Three Musketeers' during next Summer for four and a half weeks across July and August.
  • Brooches > Whether Fantasy buttons and strings, semi-precious stones or diamonds, this is the perfect way to accessorise. More to come on this Subject.
  • Knee-length, sophisticated tutu skirts. In elegant black or whimsical lilac.
  • This Lanvin Fall 2011 advert. I find it so absolutely charming.

    • Petrarchan Sonnets
    • Green = Emerald Green, Olive Green, Chartreuse... Green and Brown. Chocolate and Mint.
    • Sous le ciel de Paris (Juliette Greco)
      Un ano de Amor (Luz Casal)
      Parlami d'amore Mariù (Tino Rossi)
      Que sera sera (Doris Day) > As well as all of the simply breathtaking dresses she wears.

    • Knee-high boots. In any colour. In any style.... but always (on second thoughts, I am for freedom of expression. Do whatever you wish to do) on display. Tuck trousers in.
    • Colourful, impractical and whimsical Scarves - wrapped around your neck, waist, head, leg (but if it's an Hermes, only around your neck). Heck! Experiment to the max.
    • Ladylike Fashion. Strings of pearls, modest necklines and skirtlines, neat hairstyles and gorgeous gloves. Flattering to so many people and, worn on teenagers, rank with a certain sophisticated irony.
    • Central Heating > You only realise how much you depend on it when it isn't there anymore, the day you wake up with a frozen nose and blue toes.
    • Mika's outfit in his Kick-ass video. *Love* Both of them! Somehow, on the way up from the street, he manages to change his outfit and clean his face. Oh, and Mika's new album in February! *Die*

    • BBC iPlayer, allowing late night comedy programmes to be available at all hours, and all through lazy Sunday Mornings.
    • Daydreams. Helping you to realise that whatever happens in life, whatever goes wrong, you will always have something to trust and believe in - imagination.
    • My Birthday
    • Florence Welch.
    • Spain > Upcoming Spanish Exchange.
    • Mary Katrantzou. The clothes just keep getting better.

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