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Zac Posen Spring 2013 pret-a-porter

Salutations! You find me here, an exhausted, slightly confused young woman. Exhausted because, for some stupid unknown reason, I am having trouble sleeping and doing my best to keep up to date on every one of next season's collections at New York Fashion Week is harder than I thought - although, if I don't like the collection in the first few outfits, unless it's a well established brand, I do not really follow through and look at the rest. Oh, and Marc Jacobs tomorrow - exciting!Confused, because I'm in a semi-constant state of confusion and incertainty.  As soon as this post is finished, I'm off to bed... and I would be off now if it were not for the fact that I meant to post this on Sunday Morning, and I hate being behind schedule, so to speak. Also, although it's not exactly breaking news, I'd like this blog to be sort of current.

So, those of you who have been with my blog for a bit, might remember that I did a review of the Zac Posen Resort 2013 collection, which I absolutely loved... and I am happy to say that my esteem of Zac Posen has not lowered a mm with his latest Spring 2013 collection. The vintage themes and sharp tailoring in the Resort collection were carried through to here. 
The clothes had a retro feeling, with 1940s elements on show in suits and pretty floral dresses. And then there was a distinctively 1950s Hollywood vibe in the stunning ballgowns the designer reeled out, and it seems quite apparent (to me, at any rate) that these might have been his focus over the rest of the clothes. Honestly, who could blame him? Ballgowns and evening dresses are always my favourite pieces to look at in a collection, so it would make sense that some people find more natural affinity with those red carpet, Oscar-worthy numbers over anything else. There was a hint of Grace Kelly, a myriad of colours, all topped off with a jade green duchesse satin and tulle strapless ball gown.


^^^ Naomi Campbell opened the show for Zac Posen.

If I have one criticism? It might be that I think the mermaid-tail (or trumpet) shape of the dresses was heavily at play until we reached Erin O'Connor in the afore mentioned jade green duchesse satin and tulle strapless ball gown. If you look at the ball gowns in his last Autumn 2012 collection, and again at his Spring 2012 and Autumn 2011 - fine, so obsession with the mermaid shape is not really an issue, since that was when he really started bringing them out - they almost all share this similar skirt shape.
Well, I'm not going to criticise him for having a definite 'Look' and I never say much about the usual nipped-in waists, which are very much on display, much to my satisfaction... and what he does create is luscious. I'll just rest my case having pointed out, what I may call, the 'Mermaid Obsession'

I love these four navy ensembles, especially the two dresses directly above (though the top right dress is very chic and elegant, and my comment in no way turns it's nose up and the dress' undeniable beauty, or the tulle bustier worn with flared wide-leg satin trousers which, I felt, gave a more modern touch to the collection ) I love the sumery and slightly... mediterranean (?) feel of the floral element of these dresses. They are perfectly delightful.


I would carry on, attempting to make insightful comments on the clothing, but I do not think I should say much more than you would not be able to gather for yourself (Not a very professional stand, I know) and I could go on forever if I wished to look at each dress individually, naming the models and the fabric used etc. No - much more better to bow my way out of this post now. :)
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C - Abriendo mi armario said...

It was a great collection!

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I love Zac Posen. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I am following you now - it would be great if we could follow each other
Melissah from Coastal Style

Keit said...

Well, obsession or not, mermaid dresses are O.O
Having trouble sleeping too, a lot of nightmares going on -_-

Petite-Sal said...

Great collection!! And I love the mermaid dress. It's so feminine and compliments every figure :)


Sam said...

Gorgeous collection - can never resist forties and fifties influences!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog! Following you now, keep in touch :)

Sam Muses

rjerdee said...

Hey Zoe, thanks for stopping by! and thanks for the great report on Fashion're an adorable-looking girl smoking your grandfather's pipe!
Keep it happenin'
Becky at Abbey Style Home

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i love this collection and the shoes are amazing! thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, i'm following you now, i hope you follow me back :)

Lots of Luv from Ruth

Unknown said...

I loved the long dresses *_*


Unknown said...

this was one of my favorite collections!

xo Jackie

t said...

Some lovely dresses!

GodSaveThePink said...

thank you for your lovely comment!! ♥
and thanks for this cute post!!
following you with GFC!!

Marijana said...
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Marijana said...

Beautiful photos... love your blog... follow you now :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos :) great blog!

Katie Frank said...

very good post // i follow you too :)!

Dreams-amaze-me said...

I can only dream about this beautifull dresses, sooo cute xD have a nice day :)

Diana Marks said...

such an elegant and chic collection!

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KARDISE said...

Love those amazing dresses!!
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love the pictures, some dream dresses there....
i wish ...
u have very beautiful blog hun xxx

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Alina said...

thank u for your comment! it means a lot to me :) by the way...i love your blog!

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i love the mermad style dress!! thank you for stopping by on my blog! just posted my new nail art! facebook nails! kisses lee!

Forum Batarra said...

I hope someday I can make it to be demonstrated by the models.
Pictures and a fine collection


Forum Batarra said...

Allow me to take pictures of all your collection on top of that

Mary-Grace said...

great post
i love the haute couture outfits

Sil ♥ said...

Thank you, I loved the comment, I am in love with colorful makeup.

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Wow! The clothes are beautiful, but they are wasted on me. I am kind of the bohemian/hippie type dresser. My main concentration is on comfort and color. It looks like you do an amazing blog and that it is a lot of work. The photos are beautiful. Good on ya!

Unknown said...

Amazing, love this collection, brilliantly executed, you can never go wrong with it. Love Zac Posen.


amy said...

I like your refreshing writing style. Very human and natural!

All of the gowns make me wish I was a rich banker..only for a moment's time.. just so I could feel the fabric on some of those beauties!

I hope you get sleep soon. I'm on the same "can't sleep" boat. Not fun at all!
✿◕‿◕✿sending you happy spells

Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

so many pretty dresses!

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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Juliet Polilova said...

oh dresses are my passion!!

very nice blog by the way ;)

kisses from Russia,


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Hey cutie your blog is really nice i love the great pictures on it !!! you rock !!! maybe we can follow each other if you like !? let me know :-) greetings from germany