Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Greetings Folks! Sorry for another temporary absence, but I have been very busy and very tired and very everything else which might cause a temporary absence from blogging. Oh, and I have found a new *pretty* word: Pulchritudinous! It means beautiful and my guess would be that it derives from the Latin word, Pulchra, meaning beautiful (See, three years of Latin were not completely wasted on me)
Anyway, having spent an evening watching terribly addictive bad TV and eating chocolate muffins made by my sister, I have decided to do something productive. Since I have no terribly urgent homework assignments, I have decided to post a few photos I took last Sunday.

I had spent all morning rehearsing for two plays I am doing in my youth drama group 'Daisy Pulls it off' and 'The History Boys' before driving straight to my friend - Aggi's house to let her forcibly make me remove all my make-up and assault my face (Well re-do my make-up in a more technically demanding way, one I could never do myself) She did it twice after crimping my hair, the results of which you can also see here. The first time she made it with huge streaks of teal on my eyelids and, although I liked it and it took her at least an hour to do, she removed it all to do this. I also ended up looking slightly paler than usual by the end of it, though I can not say that I was not warned. Aggi did point out that she was going for an 'alien' look and started off the session by commenting that I was starting to look like a corpse. By the end, however, I think it did look really good and I liked how she used practically white foundation on my cheekbones and nose to 'illuminate' them.

I will also include in this post a few random 'tid-bits' of quotes because I really can not be asked to write a proper post. I am too exhausted and I need to finish this within twenty minutes... or else.

"We play at being Nomads
At the strings of a lute and hands of a clock
Turning them backwards with dirty-nailed fingers
We play at picking locks."
- Z.Barnes

This look was really put together to wear on Sunday because I had a rehearsal, but I do like it. I like the vibrant green scarf against the black jazz shoes, simple black long-sleeved top and black trousers. I also think that this hair works really well with it. I did not think I would like it (and I know my Mother did not) but I love my hair crimped like this. I really want to buy some of those crimping tong things. Yes, I know that it damages the hair and all that, but this is a level of volume I am not accustomed to... I would not use them all the time, indeed I wouldn't have the time, but hair grows back and once in every two weeks wouldn't hurt.

I have also been thinking over the last few days about the term 'Opheliac' - the only example of this is that it is the title of an album by one of my friend's favourite singers... but it started me thinking on this track. What exactly is an Opheliac?
I am also exploring a new theory of mine in conjunction with my latest planned play named 'The Helen of Troy Syndrome', which is not-so-coincidentally the same name as the one given to a group of my better clothing designs - more to come soon on this subject.

"I would rather regret the things I have done than the things I have not." - Lucille Ball

"Nothing is ever as good as the fantasy of it."
- Z.Barnes (though, for all I know, this is already somebody else's quote)

I love clothes - I always have, but because my circle of friends is generally built on intellectual similarity rather than a shared love of style, some of them have questioned it. Recently, when asked over a Facebook message 'Why? Clothes are to keep warm and so you do not get arrested' I started off with this:

"I just like clothes."

Then, when prompted further:

"Why? Well, I suppose because I consider myself an Aesthete and, to me, clothing should be a form of expression, of Art. After all, Oscar Wilde said 'One should either be a work of Art or wear a work of Art' and I am sticking by that. Clothing should be like Paintings, Music, Architecture and Theatre... a way of proving that humanity is so much more than just apes on their hind legs with sharper brains and more technological advancements. "

Before finishing on this note.

"Anyway, it's nice to put an effort into things. It may not be right, but you are judged by the way you look... and I want to be judged in a certain way."

I rest my case.


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I should be back soon with a much more fashion-related post. I am determined to do at least another three
posts before the end of march.  

PS: What do you all think of my hair like this? Like or not? Please comment! I will not be offended if you tell me that this hairstyle is one which I should never have even considered.


vn said...

don't even think such things!!
- the hair looks *real* good.
killin me with the pics: those
colours, wow. the first one is
real 80s THE FACE - perfection!

Ellie said...

You look gorgeous Zo-Bo! Lovin' the hair! :D

kakuidori said...

you so look like some irish faerie! love it!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm glad you're temporarily back haha. I am liking this photoshoot. I love the bold scarf and your hair looks nice! :D

P.S. Thanks for checking out my monthly movie picks!

Lots of love, B
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RA said...

nice make up :)

felix said...

hehe love your face and lips :) xxx

mademoiselle créative said...

You look beautiful! :)

Rosalind said...

Your hair looks amazing crimped. I quite like the idea of someone else doing the crimping for me but I don't think I'd have the patience to do it myself. The make-up gives you a great dramatic look too.

Miss Iffa said...

I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! This is absolutely fantastic, you are so naturally talented!


triggermyfashion said...

"One should either be a work of Art or wear a work of Art' and I am sticking by that"--like your stand..

Your hair suits you perfect..lovely make up& adoring your photos..

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

you look great

LKFashion said...

Zoe! I love your hair like that, I'm so jealous of how long it is :P And clothes are not just to keep you warm! Even if you are intellectual you cannot escape fashion :P History, Business studies, Geography, D&T, Maths, Science ... it's all in there :D xx