Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A note on the subject of Procastination

Greetings! Me again... and here to have a little moan about the internet, imagination, pencils which lead to doodling and all the boring things which have to be done within a certain time limit. Oh yes, I am here to leave you all a note on the subject of procastination, and some of the more interesting ways in which I have been avoiding doing the hoovering or my german coursework.

1.     Poetry. Although I would consider this a worthy use of my time, the truth is, I really do not have any time. When I should be preparing for Spanish Oral exams or researching osteoporosis, I am either writing poetry or, more likely, simply learning poems by heart. In many ways, it is also an answer to the fact I have been reading less lately due to time limitations, although I am due to start a Dickens soon and have almost finished both 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' by James Joyce and 'The Magician' by William Maugham (as well as being somewhere close to the beginning of 'Wings of the Dove' by Henry James) Just a note on poetry, Dorothy Parker = Cynical and Disillusioned, but absolutely brilliant!

By the time you swear you're his,
Shivering and sighing,
And he vows his passion is
Infinite, undying -
Lady, make a note of this:
One of you is lying.

2.     Daydreaming. The only word that can really describe the situation. It involves gazing off into the distance, telling yourself fairytales about a wonderful future and pretending to be interviewed. Ha. Or even, just sitting in a corner of my room, singing along with the 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack or Luz Casal singing either 'Piensa mi' or 'un año de amor'... depends how I feel really.

3.     Doodling - though it has been suggested many times that, contrary to expectation, doodling is supposed to help stay concentrated, "A study that compared how well people remembered details of a dull monologue found that those who doodled throughout retained more information than those who tried to sit and listen."
Check out these different (and pretty appalling, both graphically and artistically speaking) doodles, along with the *cough* lessons *cough* I did (not) do them in.

Physics Doodle
Mathematics Doodle
German Doodle

4.     All those little things which help Procastination. Facebook, Hunting for split ends, BBC iPlayer, Wikipedia surfing (a hobby of mine. You find out the most interesting things) Youtube's endless supply of music videos. In terms of Youtube music videos, I feel like I have been spending my last few days either watching 'Belle qui tiens ma vie' (I have to learn it for a play I am doing in July and August) or the whole South Pacific Soundtrack. I have actually scratched the DVD half to death, and I don't like watching whole films online, so have been reminiscing over the songs. :)


>>> Could anyone else imagine what it would be like if Jean Paul Gaultier designed the costumes for a more metrosexual, gay and flamboyant version of South Pacific on the West End? Or is it just me?
And, if so, wouldn't you just love to see it... ;)

5.     Last, and definitely not least, my latest discovery - British Pathé... it is absolutely amazing! I can watch really amazing historically interesting videos, of both fashion and historical events. Take, for example, this one (which I had to get from Youtube, because I am an absolute fail and technology and can not work out another way) everything is so 1950s, with the voice, the models and the background music that it could practically be a parody which, of course, it is not. Anywho, fashion related videos from as far back as 1900 can be found, and other videos from up to ten years before that. I advise anybody who is interested in vintage fashion to take a look, as well as people who enjoy history. I found excellent clips of John F. Kennedy's 1964 memorial service, and even of Queen Victoria's funeral. Everything is there, and everything is easy to find.

Anyway, my quick note on the subject of procastination. Congratulation you for already having survived a twelfth of 2012, and hoping you will keep reading. Please Comment, even if it negative (as long as it isn't personal, because I will just delete it)

Oh, and I thought I might just mention, I am not obsessed with videos. I felt I had to point that out because I mentioned three sites which purely do videos in my list of items that lead to increased procastination levels.

"In delay there lies no plenty." ~William Shakespeare


kakuidori said...

O_O° may i borrow that guy from the add pic for some minutes?

procastination ~ spending time with things you like instead of things you should like. meh, as long as it makes you happy and you still do what you really HAVE to do :-P

Diane said...

Awesomeness!!! You got a gorge blog honey and I <3 the things your saying. With you. 100%