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Javier Vallhonrat

Salutations! So... today I was intending to do a piece on items of my wardrobe, but I had miscalculated our gloomy english weater (and my eventual lack of common sense) forgetting that on the eighth of december, by half past four, the light will probably not be good enough to take any worthwhile photos. In fact, barely an hour later, and the light is not good enough to see my hand in front of my face if I am standing outside and away from the glare coming from the windows of the house.
In conclusion, I shall reserve that post for Saturday and, instead, give you an aesthetic delight. Breath-taking photographs taken by Javier Vallhonrat. Although I do admit, I initially wished to have a balanced range from his photographic portfolio, I have ended up with a larger percentage of photoshoots from the noughties than from any other time.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy... and do comment - I greatly appreciate all comments. Even if they are negative.

 Javier Vallhonrat in a Spanish Photographer, born in Madrid in 1953. He studied Painting at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Madrid in the early 70’s. Just after receiving a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Madrid, he reached international recognition while contributing his photos to several fashion designers. In 1992 he broadened his interest in photography and began creating advertising films, while on the side teaching photography at the Cuenca School of Fine Arts.

Today, while continuing his contribution of photos for French Vogue, Italian Vogue, Japanese Vogue, Mixte, Big, among others, Javier also teaches creative photography in various universities in Spain. 
Since 1983, Javier Vallhonrat exhibited around the world: Spain, France, Finland, Japan, Vénézula and so on:  1983, EFTA Gallery, Madrid
1986, Galería Visor, Valencia (Spain)
Porin Taidemuseo, Porin, Finland
 1989, Montmajour Abbey, Arles, 1989
1990, Parco Photographers Gallery, Tokyo
1991, 2000, 2001, LA Galerie, Frankfurt am Main
1996, Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid
Museo Santa Monica, Barcelona
 1983, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2001, 2003, ARCO, Madrid,
2002, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris, 2002
2003, National Centre of Photography, Paris
2006, Centre Pompidou, Paris

His use of colour and light is perhaps the most striking thing, and easily recognisable as his range of work. He captures sensuality in a rare and exquisite way, and uses the environment the model is in 'd'une merveilleuse facon', creating a timeless look. He clearly has a great eye for composition, and balance of colours, especially in (what I would class as) pastel colours and warm berry colours. Personally, I love most of his photos. I love his palette, and I think there is a real elegance to his photos. It is much to be admired.
Ayura (cosmetics). Azzaro (parfum). Cacharel (parfum/cosmetics). Carte Noire. Cerruti 1881 (parfum). Chloe. Chopard Parfums. Christian Lacroix (fashion and parfum). Comme des Garcons. Eau Future (parfum). Garnier (hair). Gianfranco Ferre (parfum). Guerlain (parfums). Jesus del Pozo (parfum). Jil Sander. John Galliano (fashion). Krizia. Lancome Beaute. Lancome Parfums. Martine Sitbon. Moet et Chandon. Nichole Farhi. Nicole Matsuda (fashion). Patrizia Pepe. Rochas (parfum). Shiseido. Swarovski. Sybilla. Pollini. Versace (fashion).

His works are in various public art collections and private, has also published several books:          
  Animal Plant and Buades Editor April, Madrid, 1986
  Possessed Space, Gina Kehayoff, Munich, 1992
Autogramas, Gina Kehayoff, Munich, 1993
Banks, Editorial Mestizo, Murcia, 1996, Photographic Works, 1991-1996, Editorial Lunwerg, Madrid, 1997
Library Collection photographer from Madrid, Nr.10, PHotoBolsillo, Madrid, 1999
Javier Vallhonrat: photography as a reflection, TF editors, Alcobendas, 1999
Works 1996-2001, Hall Amos Salvador. Cultural Rioja. T.S. Publishers, 2001 Logroño
Place, City of Tarragona, 2002,
Javier Santiago speaks Vallhonrat Olmo, Ed La Fabrica, Madrid, 2003
ETH, Salamanca Arts Centre, 2003,

 COMMERCIAL FILMS:Rochas (parfum). Hypnose (Lancome). Yves Saint Laurent (make-up). Cacharel (Eden parfum). Gianfranco Ferre (parfum). Eau Future (parfum). Fructis (hair). Gaz de France. L Oreal (hair).


amberly said...

So GORGEOUS! I feel like I could touch his paintings, the colors and the fluid movement in them are unreal...and how awesome he can take his early work and evolve in the 21st century in print ads and commercials! Thank you so much for sharing this...

I love this feature/post!!

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Hi darlin, thank you so much for your beautiful, heartwarming comment. It meant so much to me. You have an inspiring blog. I love the use of soft colours in these photos, creates a hazy effect.

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Mai said...

I am really in love with Javier's work, I think his one of the best Spanish photographers ever!

Aww Zoe your comment is so sweet! Thank you so much!
I sometimes think that my English is not good enough to translate my posts but some comments like yours make me feel happy and keep with it!

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I did not know your blog!! I have come to him from your comment in mine and I like it!! You have a few very nice photos:)

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the first photo is just stunning
I would to see those paintings in real life

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xoxo Sienna

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He is so talented, i really love these photos. It's very inspiring.
It's so creative and artistic.
Great post as usual.

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Marianna said...

Thank you for sharing those amazing editorials with us, i wasn't familiar with the particular photographer but now i am mesmerized by his photos. i shall check his work out through the web.
thank you
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