Friday, 16 August 2013

Who says orange is dangerous?

 Why are certain colours considered more dangerous than others? Why are some colours genuinely more dangerous than others? There is no doubt that, in the animal kingdom, certain colours will be a warning. Take the wasp (vile things which should be eliminated, or at least controlled/domesticated because I know they get rid of parasites. One landed on my upper lip today while I was eating outside and it wouldn't go away. I almost cried) which is striped yellow and black, as a warning to potential predators. On the one hand, this is where nature genuinely proves it can highlight danger. On the other hand, this yellow and black striped shell (metaphorically) is also favoured by the generally less foul tempered Bee and those flies you always think are wasps, as a way to trick potential predators.
Above all other colours, I think orange must be a dangerous colour, though we'd often consider black or red more so. By that, I do not mean that that orange can be a risky style choice that doesn't suit everyone, which is true. There is something about Orange that does not entirely feel quite right, something vibrant and eye-catching and unwilling to blend. If you've ever seen a field of Oranges or a house painted orange, you might understand what I mean. It is not mellow but bright like yellow. Or as popular as red. Or a timeless as black

Anyway, today (or rather yesterday, but *shrugs*) I am wearing orange, with black. Yippee! In line with the current fashion for crop tops and a high-waist black skirt.

With this, my lovely (if I do say so myself) union jack heels, orange bag, necklace and orange ribbon.


I really wish this were longer and, if I can, I will edit it tonight to make it longer and it should have been longer if I'd been less flippant with time, but this is me literally leaving right now for Carcassonne and I don't think they have internet in that part of France (fine, fine, in the house we're renting) Apparently, with a deep sigh, this is one of the busiest weekends of the year for road traffic... which should be fun.

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BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

lovely post! You are so chic. This is one of the best look that I saw this week!

Btw, Im following you now on GFC. hope you can follow me back. :)

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dimitri said...

Love this outfit and these orange touches are a great idea. Your bag is so pretty.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Katie Frank said...

You look wonderful <3 I love the way you styled both colours <3

Emilia de Abreu said...

I love your bag!


Sanne said...

Great post! I also kind of hate bugs, I just freak out when ever there is a mosquito near me haha! Your outfit is very pretty btw! Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

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Velvet said...

you look awesome! :)

check out my blog + i follow you

Jade Wright said...

Wow! Bold and beautiful!! <3

You pull it off so well! Orange suits you! It is one of my favorite colours

Rosalind said...

Hope you arrive home from France refreshed after your internet-free holiday. This is a very elegant look on you. Have to say, I have a rather soft spot for orange, especially as it can also be accessorised with reading an iconic orange-covered Penguin novel!

Mother Daughter Dairies said...

Such a lovely post! Great! I am about to follow you, maybe you could head over to my blog and follow me too?
PS- Love the design of your blog!

Amanda said...

that is a great bag!

ChatterBlossom said...

Dangerous beauty maybe! Love that pop of color and the union jacks are freakin' fun!

Harija said...

Orange is a stunning colour and love the way you combined it

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Unknown said...

thnx for ur comment hun!
would u like to follow each other?
let me know!

Winnie said...

Love the bag and the orange!

MrJeffery said...

wow. seriously loving this combination: the orange accents, the shoes, and necklace.

Alona said...

AH I love the post's title! Orange is such a wonderful color :) Lovely outit!

Unknown said...

totally agreee! always dare to wear! i like the bright contrast of it!

losaway said...

amazing dress! love it

Karen Ussene said...

Hiya. I like your shoes and bag!
Thanks for the visit.

Unknown said...

Love your outfit, especially those shoes! Amazing! I really enjoy your blog and would love to follow each other—please visit my page and I'll follow you back :)

xo Jess

sandy sandhu said...

so chic
Can we follow each other?
Sandy Sandhu