Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, hello there. I am back (and posting this six days later than I intended - do forgive me) only to state that I will start intense blogging again this month and hopefully you can understand the reasons for my absence.

So, after all this time, this is not really a post. More a look-what-I-have-found which I am going to share, with proper posting beginning in a couple of days. Possibly this will also prove a lighter piece between two posts that turn out to highlight the fickle nature of human existence.

I have noted recently that people send less and less Christmas cards, either in favour of not politely asking how everyone in a family you haven't seen in a decade is, or in favour of simply wishing them merry Christmas and a happy new year on their facebook wall or, lastly, in favour of sending e-cards instead. Now... e-cards are something I do not truly mind if added at the end of an email as long as it is not an attachment which takes ages to load and just ends with sparkles everywhere. Those are a no-no and most irritating. Do not send them.
Designers, on the other hand, have a different way of dispelling greetings. The video! Here are a few I have chosen to share with you, all with different approaches.


Jean Paul Gaultier

Paper cut


Keeping it Simple
Colourful Bonanza

The Gamble
Past New Year's videos by Margiela
Remembering that they have a Product to Sell 

Countdown - Highlights of the Year

Party! (The Crazy, Perfect-looking Family) - Recycled

Anyway, straight from the offset, I did not promise you a proper post - I hope you enjoyed in anyway. Thank you for reading, do comment and please follow.
Oh, and a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Hanz, Fashionista Era Design said...

hey dear just came acorss your blog!! liked it!
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Rakel said...

haapy new year!! :)

MayDay said...

I like your blog, nice pictures! Kisses!