Monday, 18 June 2012

An Iris (perhaps) Dress

Salutations! I promised an egotistical, narcissistic post devoted to myself and my own clothes, so here it is. Having done my german listening exam today and performed the distressing task of doing the washing up for my mother like the dutiful daughter I am, I think I deserve some 'Me!' Anyway, on with the post and what I am wearing. This is quite an easy look. The dress is comfortable and easy to pull on on days when I don't feel like accessorising or putting much more than a jacket and bag on - with accessories, it can feel a little smothered at times... which sometimes I don't mind. Later on in the day, I put on my brother's light green blazer with it, and that worked well though I unfortunately forgot to take a picture. Talking of pictures, I know there are many where one would have done, but I couldn't narrow them down. At times, I'm stubborn and impulsive, but often I'm plain indecisive.


<<< Flash of my Ralph Lauren glasses and my eyebrows, terribly in need of grooming (But I have an appointment at a salon some time this week. Aha!)

>>> My hair in a simple demi-ponytail, and much shorter than it was when I did the last post of what I was wearing.

Genuine question: Does anybody know anything about flowers? I think my dress has pictures of irises printed on it, but I really do not know. It could simply be a pretty pattern. I know it is hard to tell, but tell me what you think.

There is something slightly Hippie-like about this ensemble. I feel as if I should almost be a singer in a 1970s Eurovision entry.
                                                               However, I keep it funky and colourful, setting the dress off with my beautiful yellow 'Cambridge Satchel Company' satchel bag. This is my favourite bag at the moment because of the practicality, the lightness and the fact I do not need to carry it constantly. I am considering purchasing a couple more, though maybe off ebay this time.

   <<< One of my favourite elements to this dress is the sleeves! I have a fashion-fetish for puffy sleeves and closely-fitted cuffs with buttons...

(It's why I have such a fixation with New Romanticism - yes, I know there was more to it than poet shirts; naturally, I liked those areas - but anything even slightly byronic makes my pulse quicken. Yes, I know what I am wearing is not byronic, I was just commenting on the phenomenon of byronic clothing)

...I also love the colours. I know many people would consider this hideous, but it is purely because they would not be willing to give it a chance. Hardly any piece of clothing is actually hideous if worn by the right person, in the right way with confidence and courage of conviction (Shoes are a different matter though. I hate to generalise, but step away from Uggs and Crocks. Who invented those atrocities?

You might notice that in many of the previous photos I am not wearing shoes (I spent half my childhood barefoot, what can you do about it? That is not to say I am not completely and utterly devoted to my footwear - I talk to my shoes, and say sorry if I feel I have hurt them... like when I throw them across a room, but if I am outside and it is not really right to wear anything other than flip-flops, then I will go barefoot. I do not like tongs - at all!) but in the last two I am, as is demonstrated on this photo to the left. These were actually my character shoes for ballet, but since stopping I have no qualms in wearing them to go out. They fit nicely, are sensible and go with anything.

Thank you for reading my crazed ramblings, or not - I do not mind. Do comment. Please Follow.


dimitri said...

J'aime beaucoup ces photos, elles sont très stylées et recherchées. Le décor est très bien trouvé également.
Très jolies ces tenues. J'aime particulièrement la dernière.

GlamShion said...

i love your drees, thanks for your comment, i follow you now:)and you?


Unknown said...

you look so pretty !!!! and the bag is super cute!!

would you like to follow each other? :)

Unknown said...

Hey hun, thank you for the comment on my blog :) would you like to follow each other? let me know and I will follow you back xx

bluenailgirl said...

Love this outfit and this post!
follow!!! followback?


Beauty Follower said...

NIce photos
lovely dress!

fran said...

I think your comment is very sincere and effective. thanks.

kbousq said...

all your outfits look so nice on you.
love them!

stylish in sequins | let's be friends!

Diana Marks said...

Your blog is very artistic! Love it!

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Yeliz Selvi said...

oh my gosh
is that your home?
your window?
lovely outfit dear, such a classic flow and vintage appeal xx

Unknown said...

Love the dress! SO vintage and has the old-world romantic charm to it. =)

Unknown said...

fabulous pics


i love your dress and the postman bag. they're great on you ;)

cathy said...

i love your dress!! its pretty. and you look beautiful <3

followed your blog, follow back mine? :D

Ricci said...

amazing photos !

Hvit said...

Very beautiful. You, the dress, the photographs. I adore your glasses, which as a glasses nerd is no lightly made compliment. ;) I think they probably are irises, or an artist's loosely adapted depiction of something iris like. ;)

Chioma said...

love how these pictures were taken and you in your pretty dress! this is awesome :)


The Holly Rivers Show said...

very alice in wonderland.... likey! x

groovacious said...

Love it, the dress looks kind of like a kimono, love that. Cool poses too!

Anonymous said...

que lindas fotos

Lydia said...

Your blog is amazing! I love the Photos!
i hope you can check out my blog sometime. I just started so theres only a few posts. its called
Think Pink.