Sunday, 10 June 2012

Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 Collection - Review

Greetings Folks! Me - and this time, ready for a bonanza of blogging energy. My exams will soon be over (in a couple of weeks) and then I will have more or less a month of sunshine and rainbows until the looming gloom of my results sometime in August; hopefully, this will not turn out to be the case.
Soon, I shall also be in a play of 'The Three Musketeers' for a couple of months through July and August for four and a half weeks. After months and months of rehearsals, I cannot wait to get out and do it.
Brief Note: Acting makes me happy.

Anyway, back in the blogging world and determined to be a dedicated blogger and follower. Time to get down to business. I have about five posts lined up (and with luck these will not be my fateful last words) and many more in my head. First off, one about Tennis in Fashion. Then, finally, the second half to my Dior Retrospective, before I continue with a couple of egotistical posts devoted to photos of Moi and the outfits I have put together. Then loads more. By the time I've finished, I will have succeeded in boring you all to tears with streams of narcissistic drivel and useless information! Yippee!

I am a colourful character (I have been getting increasingly big-headed lately, for absolutely no reason - you might notice this) with a love of bold colours, so when I was making my way through the bright, sparkly rivers of this year's Resort 2013 collections at random because, believe it or not, I actually have time to waste paddling gently through them at random. This means I have not looked at them all yet. Of the ones I did see, this Marc Jacobs collection was one of the ones I enjoyed the most and decided I should share. Deliciously charming and delightfully opulent.

By the time I got to these looks, I was in a state of "That's so so purty!" *Squeal* Decorated with carnations of many different shades of red and pink, I really love the mint green dress with a keyhole neckline. The lower half of it with the dramatic change of colour enchants me on every level - yes, I think a warning should come with it saying that people who are prone to migraines should look away, but the beauty of the patterned details is worth risking a closer look. They brightened up my day.... literally!
Oh, and the other two dresses are also divinely beautiful (Attempt to temporarily ignore how thin the models look) I love the length, the backless elements and the mix of floral patterns and diagonal stripes. They all go perfectly with the lovely hairstyle - I must learn how to do that with my recently shortened hair.

>>> I shall unfortunately play it safe and say that this is my favourite look in the collection. Gorgeous! Reminds me slightly of the thirties, due to the line of the dress and the silk crepe which I believe it is made from. I love the vibrant colouring and the patterning - I think those are grapes. I particularly adore the back of the dress. You could really imagine wearing this to an elegant evening/afternoon garden party in the south of France, preferably in a vineyard.
 <<< Cute ensemble and the brown leather of the clutch adds a note of maturity that gives the look an edge.

After this, it tailed off for me. Maybe I'm not adventurous enough or maybe some of the clashes were just a little too unrealistic in the real world for my taste. Some of the girls looked like they were wearing something made from a sofa (or its matching curtains) which you could find in an old people's home. Though, looking at elements of an outfit individually, I could imagine wearing them and liking them.

<<< A look I shall not be trying, unless you deconstruct and remove the coat from the rest.                                            >>> I weirdly like the shirt on the right, though this is probably because I'm writing this at eleven o'clock at night. If you wore solid black with it, it might be acceptable. To be honest, in my state of semi-exhaustion I weirdly like it all for the simple reason that it doesn't shy away from colour (though the shirt on the left makes my eyes hurt - It's as if there has been an accident in a factory where they make Brownie Uniforms) The shoes and hairstyles are cute though.
 <<< Not quite up to the level of love for the first few looks, but a definite improvement on the last couple, in my opinion, of course. Once again, ignore the fact that the models look as though they need a good meal urgently (attempting to feed them through the screen of my computer does not work. The screen gets smeared with olive oil and the models don't look as though they appreciate my efforts or any healthier)

 ^^^ I also appreciated these butterfly-inspired looks, in particular the central one, which was given a much-needed figure by the slim red belt. I think that, all in all, the skirt and top ensemble worked better than the dress.

These last four outfits were marvellously zesty too. The Youthfulness and energy of the whole collection was carried through up to here and there was a recurrence of the butterfly motif elements.

All in all, this collection was a success for me. The stiff A-Line dresses with lace overlays were beautiful, even if a slight 'clown' influence was always present in the back of the mind - if you do not see this take, for instance, the over or undersized proportions in many of the outfits, and the use of colours. No complaints from moi of course.

I have a great deal more analysis but, to be honest, I am absolutely exhausted, still have a shower to take and it is probable nobody would read it so all I have left to do is say:

Thank you for reading, do comment and please follow! *Smiley Face*


Unknown said...

Wow Im a big lover of colour too.these prints are so innovative and inspiring to look at,incredible design and mix of colours.
Thanks so much for your lovely comment,it means alot that you like them,I will be selling them online in the next couple of weeks,in the process of setting it up online x
Following your fab blog,hope you have a lovely day x

oldkicz said...

And I love shopping!

Bibi Milneaux said...

thx for comment.

im following.


Elisabeth said...

Hi beautiful!
tnks a lot for ur comment
Great post

xx from

Teddi said...

hey zoe b, i hadn't seen that color collection of vibrancy, & pattern mixing until now. i suddenly feel schooled. ;)

Siema Liem said...

Love ur Blog and thnx for ur sweet comment!



Lindsey A. Turner said...

Love all the fun colors! Anna Wintour looked great in her dress from the collection!

Lindsey Turner

Anna and Klaudia said...

great inspirations! I like many bright colours :)
I'm following you now :)

Carla Verne said...

thanks for comment;)

I love all colours! Great inspiration!;)

Carla Verne said...

Maybe u wanna follow each other? ;)

Cara said...

What a great recap of the new Marc Jacobs collection! I must say I agree with you completely, I love the vibrancy of the colors, subtle nod to the 30's in silouettes and the beautiful florals. That tie back dress is gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

melissa said...

I don't do colour but i can see the beauty in it. It reminds me of Frida Kahlo a lot x

Allison said...

These items are amazing!! I'm obsessed!!
And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?

Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

inspire me so much!

Fashion R&D said...

Wow, those are definitely colorful outfits and I like them! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog---wanna follow each other?

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

The long dresses are really beautiful.

The Pink Flamingo said...

Beautiful photos, I love that kind of dress!! I love your blog too, I'm your new follower! I'm happy if you want to follow me too! :))

Domilivs said...

thanks! wow so much colours ;) greetings from Poland

Wardrobe Girls said...

i am so obsessed with anything marc! he is my favorite.


wardrobe girls

Anonymous said...

I love shopping!!!^^


Tara :) said...

Awesome collection!

Unknown said...

amazing post!!really great style

Unknown said...
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dimitri said...

Love these long dresses. They are really beautiful.
These colors are very interesting.
It's a great post as always.

maleńka said...

wow ;)

Victoria said...

LOVE this collection, thanks for bringing it to my attention and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I love this collection its so bright an vibrant.hope you follow me xx

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